Louis XIII dinning chair

Louis XIII dinning chair

French Louis XIII Mutton Bone Dining Chair.



  • Width-  mm
  • Depth-  mm
  • Seat Depth-  mm
  • Height-  mm

Upholstery Options:

  • Traditional quality Fully Sprung Upholstery
  • Economical Webbed Upholstery


Finishes available:

  • Polished
  • Antique Distressed
  • Painted
  • Can be finished to any specification



  • Solid European Beech Timber

Required meterage of Fabric:

  • 1.5m


Recomended Retail Price Range:

  • $790- $990 Plus Fabric
  • Style History

    Louis XIII, 1589-1661:

    This style actually began under Henry IV who patronized craftsmen. The economic situation called for rigour, which was reflected in the sobriety of the materials and the style. Geometric in appearance, and austere in conception, Louis XIII furniture featured veneer, turned wood and moldings. There was a tendency toward the architectural; its forms being restrained and often massive. 


    Ornament: The period favored thick, heavy, massive motifs lacking the delicacy and fantasy of Renaissance ornament.



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