We are proud to announce that we have an exciting new design centre where our exciting new French Parquetry tables and Complete range of French Chairs will be showcased.

The showroom, built with inhouse display in mind. the space features our tables and chairs designs insitu.

You can create, complete or update decor in your home by choosing from a selection of our Finely Crafted Furniture 

Our Melbourne factory has simplified our range putting you in the driver’s seat to make sure that you can have the flexibility normally only offered to retail stores.


By creating your own hand crafted piece Exquisite Meubles ensures you have the desired look for your home.

Months of planning, building, renovating and furnishing has gone into this new ‘one stop shop’ display concept, and the team at Exquisite Meubles are looking forward to welcoming you to our new and exciting showroom.


Enquire to start your journey on creating your next masterpiece